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Reiki is an intelligent energy that goes where it is needed. 
As such, Reiki can be channeled remotely from the practitioner to the recipient, bringing an incredible sense of peace, clarity and healing.

Our international clients all say the same thing - "How did that just happen!?" 


True Balance Reiki specialises in Absent Healing and has clients in America, Canada, Ghana, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK.

During a session, the client simply lies down comfortably where they will be uninterrupted for one hour.  The Practitioner connects with the clients energy remotely, picking up and clearing blockages, and channeling information relevant to the client's well-being.  This information is then shared with the client after the session.

Clients all report feeling extremely relaxed, happier, lighter and more focused in their day-to-day goals and activities.

To book a session, WhatsApp Monique - +27 83 679 2110

IN-PERSON HEALING SESSIONS are also available for clients living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Absent Healing: 1 hour healing plus feedback consult

ZAR 750.00 / USD 42.00 / CAD 55.00 / EUR 38.00 / GBP 32.00
Easy payment via a Paypal link
Rates may vary dependent on exchange rate fluctuations

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