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Tarot Cards


When last have you spoken to your Higher Self?  And do you pay attention when your Higher Self speaks to you?

We all have a Higher Power that guides and watches over us.  Whether you believe in God and his Angels, Spirit Guides, Ancestral Guides or the guidance of Mother Nature, the key is to be able to clearly see the signs your Guides regularly give you.  For many of us though, the hustle and bustle of life allows little time for a focused interaction with our Guides.
Tarot is not 'Fortune Telling'. It is a tool to help you access and process information you already know, in order to bring some clarity into your life!

During your Tarot Session, we use Tarot as a tool to invite your guides to share their wisdom with you, to help you overcome challenges you are facing, or to  help you make some important life decisions. 

To book a session, WhatsApp Monique on +27 (0) 83 679 2110

R 600.00 (1 hour)
Available In-Person or Online

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