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We have all lived many lives.

Past Life Regression helps you to explore your past lives and better understand how the experiences, lessons, relationships and habits from past lives impact your current life.


Whether you are just curious to find out who you were in past lives, or you feel that it is time to learn lessons and let go of past life behaviours, you will find a Past Life Regression session extremely fascinating and insightful.

During this 2 hour session, you will be prepared for what to expect and how it works. You will then sit back comfortably and be guided into a relaxed state (not hypnotised!) and taken on a journey through the door into your past lives where you will calmly view and speak about your experiences.  Sessions are recorded.

To book a session, WhatsApp Monique on +27 (0) 83 679 2110

Past Life Regression: R 1 500.00 (2 hours)

Includes session recording / notes

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