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"Monique is spectacular! And gifted! And everything good! On my first reiki session with Monique, I was really confused on making a decision about my career path. The decision I had in mind would have affected so many areas of my life. It looked like the logical thing to do but I was still unsettled about it. It was precisely why I had that reiki session. I needed clarity. The session was beautiful, calming, and just what I needed. But I was completely gobsmacked when Monique asked me if I was thinking about taking the exact decision that was on my mind. Bear in mind we had never had any conversation prior to this. She told me that decision was a no. I listened. Years later, turns out it was indeed a no. My subsequent sessions have been nothing short of amazing likened ro a spiritual massage. And it doesn't stop there. I can feel it impact every area of my life and growth. Its honestly difficult to put into words how amazing reiki with Monique has been. This review had been a long time coming and I just want to say THANK YOU MONIQUE. THANK YOU!"
Tenyin (Canada)

"Monique was amazing, meeting her for the first time I was very comfortable and she very quickly listened to and understood my challenges and why I went to see her. Her time and care in helping me was appreciated and I felt immediate results. For any newcomers to this form of healing or to the experienced, I would most certainly recommend Monique - thank you so much!"
Tamlyn (South Africa)

"I have had 3 online sessions with Monique. The first was a reading and second was a Reiki session done remotely. I could genuinely feel a difference after the Reiki session. The third was a general card reading online and Monique was spot on with what was currently happening. Monique has a gift at interpreting the cards. Highly recommended"
Nathalie (Spain)

"Monique is an absolute GEM! I’ve been to her twice and both sessions were incredibly uplifting! She helped me with ways to rebalance and find healing! I’d highly recommend her for energy healing, numerology and Tarot."
Debbie (South Africa)

"I have been going through a difficult personal time and decided to try reiki for my anxiety and stress. I left Monique's care feeling completely relaxed and at peace for the first time in a long time. Highly recommend Monique, she is very in tune with what is going on inside."
Amber (South Africa)

"Monique is the real deal. She’s been my reiki healer ever since I found here. I actually found her here through all of these amazing reviews and indeed I’m pleased with her work. I’ve had several reiki sessions with her, both distance and in person and all of which I’ve been totally happy and satisfied with. All the people I’ve recommended her to, have had nothing but good things to say about her work. She’s also an amazing person and I totally recommend her. Thank you Monique for all the wonderful sessions. I look forward to our next session :)"

Hilda (Ghana)

"Monique is amazing. She shared valuable tools and strategies, that I use daily. She also did a house cleansing for us, the difference since then is incredible. I look forward to future reiki sessions with her."
Gina (South Africa)

"Highly recommend Monique. She is such a wonderful person and practitioner who is clear in her intentions and relays the messages in a language that is easy to understand, & in a manner that is not scary/weird! I was unsure of what to expect on my first session but Monique made me feel truly relaxed and safe. She has helped me ten-fold and I owe a lot of my learning and recently gained clarity to her and her ability to make me understand the spiritual turmoil I was (unknowingly) in. Go and see her- you won’t be disappointed."

Tami (South Africa)

"Monique is amazing. I have done a few distance reiki sessions with her (I am based in Portugal) and the results are palpable. She has balanced my chakras, cleared energy blockages and shifted energy where it was needed. Each session is followed up with feedback on what was picked up and where the issues lie, along with some guidance on what to do to help yourself going forward. A fantastic experience all round."

Sally (Portugal)

"I had an amazing session I had with Monique. I went there desperate and completely in shambles and came back refreshed, renewed and reenergized with a fresh perspective of what I need to do and a better understanding of what was wrong.
Monique is patient, understanding and thorough in her process, explaining how the process works to make you feel easy and relaxed. I would highly recommend True Balance Reiki to any person needing a refreshed perspective of things within and around them.
Thank you Monique!"

Lebohang (South Africa)

"Not only did Monique cleanse our home, Monique gave us great advice to keep the good energies flowing.We have most certainly experienced a positive difference in our home and in ourselves.We highly recommend Monique."

Mark (South Africa)

"What a truly amazing experience.
First time I have had a Reiki session and Monique was such a calming person. She listens to what you are going through with empathy and compassion,
The next day I felt so much more calm and my body definitely felt less heavy."

Tracy (South Africa)

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Monique Swart is a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher. Contact her via WhatsApp, phone or email to book your session.

+27 (0) 83 679 2110

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