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Sometimes we all need a little extra help getting ourselves spiritually balanced and well again. Through our partner company Natique, we offer a range of products that are designed to help you put positive intention into your daily life, bringing about change on a spiritual level. 

Whether you are feeling financially blocked, ungrounded, anxious, lacking in passion, unsure of your purpose or feeling disconnected from those around you, our range of Wellness Products are here to help.  Some of our products include:

'7 Days of Zen' Chakra Cleansing Kit with easy 7 day program help unblock and cleanse specific Chakra's.

R 395.00 per pack
(Includes Incense & Burner, Light Matrix Oil, Candle, Bracelet, Gem Stones and 7 day program)


Wellness Bracelets pre-programed with Rieki energy to assist with balancing Chakras.
R 120.00 - R 150.00 (S/M/L)

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